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Old 03-15-2019, 01:05 AM
Antoine_P Antoine_P is offline
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Thanks Tobias

Thanks Charlie, you're right, really satisfying when you come back home knowing that you fixed a part of the project

So, next update. As I am just keeping up with the work done in the past, I can update fast.. it will be way slower as soon as I am up to date..

Once again, I know that you can buy it to build as much as I can so I started on the airboxes.. seems like simple parts but they proves me wring, having a lot of small indents, curves,...well I spent quite a few hours there..

First cut my metal sheet:

Found a tube with the good radius and folded it:

Then it was again time to use my bead roller for the folding on the side:

On the first attempt I made it wrong and it did not follow the original curves where it will be welded so I made some hammerform and started again:

And it fits:

Cut the middle part:

Same method for the bottom part, also used a hammerform as the shape isn't that easy..

And adjusted:

Final adjusting will take place after I changed the front part of the wheel well

Oh.. and I also made the second side:

Stay tuned

Antoine Puygranier
Resurrecting a 60 ghia:

Fixing a 914:
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