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Old 02-02-2014, 05:00 PM
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Default Pantera roof skin

Many years ago I bought a 1972 Pantera with a damaged roof and A-pillar.I was told that a tree branch fell on it.It was bought back before there was any internet metal shaping groups or for that mater an internet. There was not much information other than a few body repair how to books.I did not at that time have the skills or know how to fix it at that time.It The car has been in storage for many years.I had not even seen the car for about 12 years.After recently bringing the car back home and inspecting the previous owners backyard butcher repair.I saw that the original roof skin was simply hammered in and another piece of skin brazed over it.It was clear that a new roor skin was needed.I normally just make smaller repair panels as needed,but a complete new skin was was required for this car.After seeing the quarter panels that Peter Tommasini makes in one piece ,I decided to give it a try.


After cutting a blank I marked out the area to wheel up to get some crown.One of the problems I have when wheeling a larger panel with a helper to support the other side is that due to no visual reference we get out of sequence and get uneven wheeling.We end up not getting a even consistant tracking pattern as we seem to get wider wheeling patterns in some areas and tighter in others. I thought I would try marking out a series of numbers at 1 inch intervals on both sides so that we would have a target number to aim for.Now when we were wheeling this panel it was easy to be on the same page side to side.

Once we were done wheeling some crown into the panel ,I marked out the first of 2 style lines that needed to be added.

I used a tipping wheel in the bead roller to add the line to the panel.

Once the line was tipped ,I did some tuck shrinking along the edges to get the roof crown back in arangement.

Next ,I tipped the front edge to match the original.I will tip the bottom edge for the windshield pinchweld later.

The rear roof flange was turned next.

The second style line is added to the roof sides.It starts at the front and fades away about 4 inches from the rear.It has another few degrees of tip on the other side of the line.

The second tip line added and some more edge shrinking to get the crown back.

The last line was marked for the flange at the drip rail.

The side flange tipped.Thats it for now.To be continued.

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