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Old 12-06-2010, 12:52 PM
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Default How to join AllMetalShaping and why you may not be able to see everything:

Welcome to All Metal Shaping.

This site is dedicated for people who love the craft of metal shaping.

You must be a member to be involved with this site. When you register, please use some type of real name...preferably your real name. We manually approve registrations and folks who use a nonsense string of characters for their login make us assume they are spammers. Anyone who whats to change their log on name can contact one of the admins.

If you tried to register and never got the acknowledgment in your email, we probably thought you were a spammer and deleted you. Try again with a reasonable name or contact us by following the contact link.

If you haven't got your confirmation email within a few hours, email and we will complete that part of the confirmation for you. Some hosts block email servers from sites like ours. BellSouth is one that will not accept emails from us.

We started AllMetalShaping as a place for a few of us to have a dialog and share knowledge relating to metal shaping and related tools without the off topic distractions that have plagued other sites. Our original expectation was that this would just be a few friends that wanted an 'all metal shaping' forum. The growth and involvement from active members of the community has surprised and pleased us. However we want to know who we're dealing with, so We have a two-tiered membership process. Don't just do the typical registration and expect to be able to see any more than you can as a guest.

Guests and initial registered users can see the exact same thing. They can only post in the introduction forum and those posts are moderated until all four of the items in red below are done. Once you have done an intro and updated your profile and name, we will approve you for full membership and you will have full access to the site.

If you do not intend to do an introduction, you might as well not bother trying to register because as a guest you will have exactly the same capabilities as an initial registered user.


1- Go to your User CP (top blue bar above this, left hand side)

2- Enter your location and other profile information, found in Your Profile section
3- Put at least your first name in the signature, found in the Settings & Options section
4- Post an introductory post in the introduction forum (see the link below). The introduction should be more than just a 'New guy here' thing.

Here is a link to where you post your introduction.
In the upper left hand corner of the screen you will see a Button, New Thread, click on that and a new screen appears. Fill in the Title box and then in the box below the Title type in your introduction. Your Introduction post should include your name, where you are located and why you want to be a member. You can add other information if you want.

Click on the Button under the box and your are done. Once a moderator reads the introduction and checks the rest of your information you will be approved.

Your introduction is moderated and won't be seen until it is reviewed and approved by one of the admin team. If you don't get member status it's probably because you did not complete the 4 steps above. Check for a note in your introduction in red letters OR a PM from an admin (under your name on the top right) telling you what you need to do. Better yet, read the directions the first time and save us all some wasted time.

You will have a few days to do your intro and complete the registration. After that, your account will be removed and you can either re-register or view the partial site as a guest. If you register a couple of times and don't complete the requirements you will not be allowed to register again.

If you're a spammer rejoice in the knowledge that at the very most 4 people will see your crap before it and you are deleted and blocked. May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your crotch!

Again, people who register but do not complete the registration process within a few days will be deleted.

The AllMetalShaping Team,
Johnny Arial
Kerry Pinkerton
Tim Doty
Joe Hartson

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