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Old 04-20-2021, 07:55 PM
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Default Beginning welding aluminum

Hello Folxs. Want to say I admire this forum, I have learned so much.
I bit the bullet and got the meco midget from Kentís fine place. I had been trying to put myself of track with an old henrob I had inherited. I find myself still struggling with setting the torch up.
I have seen hundred of video and bought dvds galore. I watch folxs that lay in tack super quick and easy. I can not get a simple tack with out filler rod to save my life.
I am working with .063 3003 H14 aluminum. The torch chart says to go up to a N3 tip. I can make it super hot and my heat zone is the entire coupon it seems like. The coupons are 4x8 inch. When I watch videos Kent talks of 3-5 torch lengths of flame. Are we talking about the inner cone or the oxygen feather?
I want to believe we are talking the inner cone, as a large feather washes backwards when I am close to the plate.
I can not seem to build heat up with this inner tip unless I get almost carburizing like flame. Just off feather takes a long time to do the tack like I witness in the videos and all the super experienced people

After using the N3 tip and trying over and over again is has turned black. Is this normal (yes smart guys I know heat and coloring) my question is a I trying to get it to hot. I donít feel like I have the pinpoint control I see peoples having

Thanks for helping a woman out in a man heavy industry. My goal is I would like to incorporate more compound curves for some art projects.

Here is a shot of my first few attempts of a full weld.
This was done with the N2 tip I was not just melting with this, however it seemed slower than the old pros

Making magic at times
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