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Old 12-07-2023, 02:32 PM
stueeee stueeee is offline
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Location: North West Kent, UK
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Default Newby from NW Kent UK

Hi to all, I'm a retired engineer these days and have been messing with old cars and motorbikes since I was a young teen. These days I have a well equipped workshop and enough ongoing projects to last till I'm about 120 years old. The particular reason for wanting to join this forum is that one of my projects -a 1930s single seat racer needs a new tail to be made in Aluminium. I have an English wheel here but at the moment, not the skill to make the best use of it, I am determined to change that, although it is likely that I will turn a lot of perfectly good ali sheet into scrap metal first.

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Old 12-08-2023, 07:46 AM
dwmh dwmh is offline
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Welcome to the forum Stuart. You should find all the help you need here.
David Hamer
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Old 12-08-2023, 08:08 AM
Marc Bourget Marc Bourget is offline
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Keep in mind, you also turned a lot of perfectly good paper into scrap learning to write. That and the current quest should not be considered a waste of either time or materials if responsibly approached!!
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Old 12-08-2023, 08:14 AM
Mike Whelan Mike Whelan is offline
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Hi Stuart,

I'm also a retired engineer (i'm 78 years old).Several years ago I built a small English wheel (22 inch throat). I watched a lot of videos and read a lot but in the end I decided that personal tuition was needed. I went to several courses in the UK and found Geoff Moss (ex Aston Martin) very good. He is located in Devon.

Mike (nr Trier, Germany)
Mike Whelan
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Old 12-08-2023, 08:53 AM
Jaroslav Jaroslav is online now
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Stuart, don't take your pants down when the ford is still far away...
Make several smaller trial pieces. Try to work so that the sheet is always soft. A paper template will help a lot. It will show you where to lengthen the fibers and where to shorten them. Show your project and get lots of advice. You can then choose the path that will be good for you.
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