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Old 01-06-2014, 09:26 PM
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This is merely a test for placing photos and text. I have not as of yet bin successful in putting pictures and text where I want them to be.

This is a 1963 Cobra I did extensive repairs to in 2000.

This is the welding setup I used.

This is one of the fender flares that had to be replaced.

This is the wire after being unrolled and pulled out of the way. You can see the pitting that has taken place after years of racing.

Welding in the patch.

Patch after welding.

Jere Kirkpatrick
Valley Forge & Welding
HEN-ROB Torch Dealer.
Teaching The Fundamentals of Metal Shaping

All tools are a hammer except the chisel.....That's a screwdriver.
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