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Old 11-18-2023, 05:49 PM
805maker 805maker is offline
MetalShaper of the Month Dec. 2023
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Default 1957 CJ5 Stretch - A Learning Project

I picked up this CJ5 for my dad a couple years ago. It was really a pile of RUSTY parts with a valid title. I figured it would be a good opportunity to learn on - even if buying a new tub would probably be cheaper. We complicated things when my dad asked if he could put an automatic in it as he's getting older which required stretching it quite a bit to make room.

I drew it up several times before deciding to stretch it 4" in the door and 4" behind it as it gave us the space we needed and it looked closest to the original without standing out as being modified.

This first post has less shaping and more patching, but in the next couple of updates I'll post photos of the floors, firewall, and transmission tunnel I've been working on to squeeze a 5.3L/4l60 and a dana 300 into this old Jeep.

This is how bad the floor was when we got it home:
Name:  20220213_130057.jpg
Views: 674
Size:  175.2 KB
Name:  20220213_131327.jpg
Views: 633
Size:  171.9 KB

Here's the stretch on the passenger side:
Name:  20220220_130428.jpg
Views: 629
Size:  179.5 KB
Name:  20220307_143145.jpg
Views: 632
Size:  178.7 KB
Name:  20220312_181246.jpg
Views: 625
Size:  179.5 KB

The bed and wheel wells weren't much better (plus firewall/floor spoilers):
Name:  20220319_143443.jpg
Views: 618
Size:  177.4 KB
Name:  20220723_143758.jpg
Views: 614
Size:  175.8 KB
Name:  20230824_161021.jpg
Views: 622
Size:  179.7 KB

Cab corners and panels made to fit 4" stretches:
Name:  20221029_120133.jpg
Views: 612
Size:  174.6 KB
Name:  20230824_112458.jpg
Views: 608
Size:  177.0 KB
Ryan Reynolds
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Old 11-18-2023, 06:02 PM
805maker 805maker is offline
MetalShaper of the Month Dec. 2023
Join Date: Nov 2023
Location: Ventura, CA
Posts: 5
Default 57 CJ5 - New Floors and Firewall

I started with some cardboard aided design:
Name:  cad_floor.jpg
Views: 603
Size:  175.2 KB

Added flanges and cut on my bead roller. Cutting dies are nice for bigger panels.
Name:  driver_floor.jpg
Views: 613
Size:  176.5 KB

I did the same for the firewall section:
Name:  cad_firewall.jpg
Views: 603
Size:  172.7 KB
Name:  one_side.jpg
Views: 607
Size:  178.0 KB
Name:  both_sides.jpg
Views: 597
Size:  179.5 KB

I couldn't use aftermarket floor supports since everything has moved around - so I welded these up and they seem stiff enough as I add more sheetmetal back to the car.
Name:  support.jpg
Views: 614
Size:  176.1 KB

Once the floor sections and sides of the firewall were in place, I needed to frame the motor and finish the center section out. I used strips bent on the brake and a stretcher to get the profile I wanted (making sure both sides were identical). Once that was in place, it was just a matter of filling the rest in.
Name:  center_flange_matched.jpg
Views: 620
Size:  174.7 KB
Name:  flanges_installed.jpg
Views: 616
Size:  172.3 KB
Name:  center_template.jpg
Views: 616
Size:  177.2 KB
Name:  test_fit.jpg
Views: 603
Size:  175.3 KB
Ryan Reynolds
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Old 11-18-2023, 06:17 PM
805maker 805maker is offline
MetalShaper of the Month Dec. 2023
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Location: Ventura, CA
Posts: 5
Default '57 CJ5 - Transmission Tunnel - Part 1

The transmission tunnel has been by far the most difficult part of this project (so far). We wanted access to the back of the motor so we decided we'd like to make it split as well as removable.

I started out with a wire frame using TIG filler rod as a template. This lets me get the general shape and see clearance - it also gives me something of a buck to go back to and test fit while shrinking/stretching.
Name:  1_wire_frame.jpg
Views: 606
Size:  171.1 KB

Once I had the wire frame, I started with the flanges. They aren't straight - because I'm a glutton for punishment. For this reason, I made them separate from the rest of the panel and used the shrinker and stretcher to get it close to the lines on the floor.
Name:  2_floor_flange_1.jpg
Views: 613
Size:  178.1 KB
Name:  3_floor_flange_2.jpg
Views: 608
Size:  176.0 KB

Once those were done, I created a paper template of the center section and cut it out. I used the english wheel with a rubber upper wheel to get the general form of the curves, then the shrinker/stretcher to get any shape I needed.
Name:  4_rear_section.jpg
Views: 600
Size:  173.8 KB
Name:  5_rear_test_fit.jpg
Views: 591
Size:  169.4 KB

I used a bead roller to get the curve on the upper section (over the motor) started, then bent the flange and used the stretcher to get it to match what was already on the firewall. I made additional flanges the same way and made a frame to attach to the floor/firewall I could then attach my other shaped panels to.
Name:  6_motor_flange.jpg
Views: 582
Size:  169.9 KB
Name:  7_transition.jpg
Views: 575
Size:  168.4 KB

The hardest part of this was the inset I needed to squeeze the accelerator pedal and a foot in. It created some reverse curves which I hadn't done before. I added one to the other side for a sense of symmetry, but they aren't identical because the heads are offset on each side, so I had to work around them.
Name:  8_reverse_curve_tests.jpg
Views: 558
Size:  172.6 KB

Once I was fairly happy with the shape, I ran a test fit, then trimmed and tacked the panels so far into place for a test fit.
Name:  9_fitting.jpg
Views: 551
Size:  165.6 KB
Name:  10_trimmed_tacked_test_fit.jpg
Views: 547
Size:  174.5 KB
Ryan Reynolds
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Old 11-18-2023, 06:25 PM
805maker 805maker is offline
MetalShaper of the Month Dec. 2023
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Location: Ventura, CA
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Default '57 CJ5 - Transmission Tunnel - Part 2

I haven't been super strict at fitting each panel to the buck - the thickness of the TIG rod can cause issues as the project goes on, so I decided for the last two panels, my life would be easier if I made some new wire frames and templates to match what's been built so far.
Name:  1_new_templates_1.jpg
Views: 547
Size:  172.6 KB
Name:  2_new_templates_2.jpg
Views: 556
Size:  173.2 KB
Name:  3_new_templates_3.jpg
Views: 543
Size:  166.3 KB

Once that was done, it was fairly quick and easy to fit the corner pieces
Name:  4_drivers_side_test.jpg
Views: 546
Size:  172.9 KB
Name:  5_drivers_side_fit.jpg
Views: 540
Size:  167.4 KB
Name:  9_rinse_repeat.jpg
Views: 542
Size:  171.2 KB

I probably should have done this sooner (I did it with the wire frame, so my confidence was high) - a boot test to make sure I could press the pedal.
Name:  6_boot_test.jpg
Views: 546
Size:  176.6 KB

I then made a flange for the split between the tunnel pieces as well as a flange for the rear attachment point. I didn't do this before on the wireframe because I wasn't sure where I wanted it at the time.
Name:  7_flange_for_split.jpg
Views: 541
Size:  170.8 KB
Name:  8_rear_flange.jpg
Views: 542
Size:  176.9 KB

Finally - it's welded and fits well. I need to do some more finishing work, but I'm a bit tired of looking at this right now, so I'll be working on something else for a week or two.
Name:  10_welded_fitup.jpg
Views: 545
Size:  171.7 KB
Ryan Reynolds
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Old 11-18-2023, 07:33 PM
steve.murphy steve.murphy is offline
Join Date: May 2009
Location: Brisbane, Australia
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That’s an amazing job you’re doing Ryan. Well done!

ærugo nunquam dormit
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Old 11-18-2023, 08:45 PM
Gojeep's Avatar
Gojeep Gojeep is offline
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So great to see another Jeep on here!
Loving how the transmission tunnel is coming out especially, as it is not easy to make at all.
Looking forward to see how it progresses.
aka. Gojeep
Victoria, Australia

Invention is a combination of brains and materials.
The more brains you use, the less materials you need.
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Old 11-19-2023, 07:21 AM
Larry4406 Larry4406 is offline
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What a cool build!
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Old 11-19-2023, 07:54 AM
dwmh dwmh is offline
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That's mighty impressive work Ryan.
David Hamer
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Old 11-19-2023, 09:03 AM
rockable rockable is offline
Join Date: Jan 2019
Location: Oak Ridge, NC
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Wow! Great job! You are basically building this body from scratch.
Rock. Able
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Old 11-19-2023, 01:09 PM
Hotflint Hotflint is offline
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I really like how that turned out! I will be doing a similar firewall for my engine, nice to see it come together how I was thinking!
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