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Old 11-30-2023, 09:59 AM
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Default Ep 17 | "Entrepreneurship Secrets " | Inside Gas Monkey Garage w/ Richard Rawlings

On Episode 17 of the "Sheet Metal Shaping Podcast" we have businessman, entrepreneur, car guy, and media personality, Mr. Richard Rawlings.

In this episode we chat in depth who is Richard the entrepreneur, and what does it really take to be successful in business.

We also discuss:
- Who is Richard the entrepreneur
- The SEMA show crunch time
- Car guy or business guy? Or both?
- How he started by flipping cars
- Filing taxes at 12 years old
- Removal of skilled trades in schools

- Scratch building a printing/ marketing company
- Starting gas monkey @ 40 years old
- The brand that is gas monkey garage
- Fast growth vs cash flow
- Alcohol, sauces, and merch

- Taking 8 years to get on TV, Making television shows
- Going broke, twice.
- Pre internet vs post internet
- Starting in a household garage
- Behind the scenes of the business
- Cars are for content, to enhance the brand

- If it weren't for customers, employees and vendors, business would be easy
- If you build it, they will come, if you do it right.
- Do you want to have a simple life, or do you want to make money?
- Talking about @FooseDesignInc Chip Foose
- When you hit your $ number, it always seems to move, for a true entrepreneur

- 1% of ppl succeed at this stuff
- He loves the service business, but 1 person can only do so much service
- Being a service provider, how many cars can you make per year as a solo shop owner
- Net Margin on 1m in auto business
- Building a sellable entity in multiple verticals

Follow Richard @GasMonkeyGarage , and, and @rrrawlings / @ gasmonkeygarage on IG

Follow us @sheetmetalshaping on instagram and Like/ Follow/ Share/ Subscribe to our channel for more great guests.

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