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Old 10-01-2023, 09:00 AM
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Default You make it look so easy !!

I am more of a lurker because of my limited knowledge. So other than posts of nice job I really donít have much info to give.
I have been playing with this craft for years ,but only in small increments. I have had reasonable success at small patches I created and patches I have bought.
I have gotten some time and decided it was time to learn some more.

I bought an old fender cheap that had a cool shape to it so I decided to try and replicate it. It was during this time I realized how bad I am and how hard this is lol.
The things I learned from this adventure is to take your time. At first start I just started going at it with no direction and working feverishly and just chasing my tail. I need to break this into a lot of smaller pieces. At first I was trying to take big portions of the fender which turned into big piles of scrap. Even towards the end as I felt I learned more I tried a larger piece and failed miserably. I realized I need paper patterns and fsp. I felt the paper gave me information on shrinking and stretching, but the fsp was easier for me to mark up and see where I needed shape from the gauges/ templates I made. That brings me to the gauges/ templates. At first I didnít want to take the time to make them and at the end I still was being a little lazy ,but realized I canít get by without them.
It also seems like the last 10% of a piece seems to take forever. I would get nervous about putting it in the wheel at planishing a little more to get it straight so it is a bit wavy in spots. I am realizing that things sometimes donít have as much shade as I think. I would go way over and fight to bring it back. It was much easier to go slower and sneak up on the shape than go beyond and try to bring it back.
At the end I decided to planish the whole thing which made it look better , but it no longer fit as well. Good thing itís for practice.
If anyone has some pointers or tips I am open to all criticism!




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