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Old 02-06-2017, 04:51 PM
cliffrod cliffrod is offline
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Default Update- video re: enlarging with compasses and triangle

Originally Posted by cliffrod View Post
Bart, the methods I will demonstrate this Friday at Redneck Roundup ( & then post to video for all here asap) are what I use to enlarge 2D patterns. No computers, significant expense or typical limiting things like plotter size, just the time to do it. Very Simple and very accurate. Detail level is dependent upon how many points are replicated.

If you are enlarging by a whole integer multiple (3x, 4x, 10x) it is somewhat more simple because you only need a straight line and calipers to calculate and capture new dimensions to apply to the pattern. That is part of what I'll demonstrate as well.

The problem often encountered if that accuracy OR inaccuracy is also multiplied by the same factor. Little models/patterns have to be perfectly accurate to enlarge in big steps. I was trained to enlarge by a factor <2 if possible each time, correcting as needed before the next enlargement unless the model/pattern is really good. This is not always practical, but this is still SOP for some of the best foundry and portrait sculptors with whom I work.

These methods, which work very easily for 2D enlargement, were actually taught to me to use for accurate 3D enlargement. That is not as simple, well beyond the scope of a brief workshop and probably not as relevant here. I realize many here will not use these methods in lieu of modern technology. Even so, they provide a means to easily double check the accuracy of work, whether 2D or 3D.
Noticed this in a thread just commented on today and figured I should update about my nearly year-old statements-

Video is not finished but the effort has not been abandoned. I was not satisfied with the video we captured at 2016 RR. Bill Longyard and Jim Russell were very gracious with their help shooting video. However, the details of the triangle, strikes and such were simply not visible on the RR video. My fault, not theirs. Lighting, materials, etc are being revamped or I'll need some basic video animation but so far have not learned that yet. very low tech here.

I'm working to apply this most readily to 2D and also trying to develop/proof the easiest method of the larger steps (non-integer or decimal ratios beyond 2X) for those wanting to do so when appropriate. For certain efforts, it's viable while other times too much information is lost.

So, in a nutshell, I'm still working on it. As with many things, it's more challenging to explain it concisely than to simply do it. And time flies...

In the meantime, anyone with interest or questions is welcome to call or email.
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