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Old 02-10-2011, 09:58 AM
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Default Notice to new members and zero posters!

This announcement only concerns folks who are Registering Now or those that registered in the past and have ZERO posts. If this is you, it would be best if you keep reading. If that is not you, you can stop reading now.

Most everyone knows, or should know, that we have implemented a new two tier membership program.

Guests AND initial members can only see a portion of the site. Initial members can only make moderated posts in the Introduction forum. Once an initial member completes their profile information, signature (REAL NAME) and does an introduction, they are given full member status with access to the full site.

New registrations will have 3 days to respond to the email sent as part of the registration process. If you do not respond to the email your registration request will be deleted. If you don't receive an email contact us and let us know.

Effective immediately, initial members and all CURRENT ZERO posters will be given 7 days to complete the membership process by doing an introduction, filling out their profile information and signature (REAL NAME) in the "User CP" as described in the " How to join AllMetalShaping and why you may not be able to see everything" thread:

Folks who do not complete this will have their memberships removed. It will be no real hardship because as a guest, you have the exact same ability to see the same portions of the site as an initial member does. Plus you won't have to bother with logging in.

Basically, if you don't intend to complete the membership requirements, just save yourself the trouble and don't bother registering.

Some of you will no doubt wonder why we are doing this? There are several reasons:

1- We want to reduce spammers and control who has access to the information that has been posted by our members. We check every new member for spammers, email harvesters, and other suspicious behavior.

2- We want to know who we are talking to which is the requirement for a REAL NAME in the signature.

3- We want to know your general location.

4- We would like to have our membership number be as close as possible to active members. We don't charge for advertisements and we have no need for meaningless membership numbers.

We hope that many of you with ZERO Posts will complete the process and become active members in the community.
Johnny Ariel
Kerry Pinkerton
Joe Hartson
Tim Doty
Dan Pate
Steve Hamilton
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