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Old 02-24-2021, 08:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Superleggera View Post
Did something change in this hosting platform in how images are served up from other platforms? (Admin question) When I view the source code for the page, the URL to reference the images from my server does not appear within. Thus it is on the parser side of the hosting platform itself.

note: Just looked at other places where I have shared photos out of the same directory over the past decade and I view them all. Thus an AllMetalShaping hosting platform issue specifically.
Hi Mark,

The images are falling foul of the way browsers treat insecure content. This site is served over https, while the external image urls to those images are plain http urls. Browsers started by throwing warnings when http assets were loaded by a site served over https, then they started to try replacing those http requests with the secure https versions, and throwing warnings when that didn't work. Now, most browsers are set by default to block http content that's pulled into a page served over https. There's a write up about this for Chrome at, for example, but most browsers have adopted this policy.

The image links are present in the html markup, as before, but your browser will be blocking them. Here's what I see in my browser console when I load the page, for example:

That image is hosted externally, but as it's served over https, it's loaded by browsers without a problem.

I'm not sure where you're hosting your site, but many hosts are making use of, who offer free TLS certificates, often with support for them baked directly into cPanel.

Hope that helps to explain things.
Dan Smith
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