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Old 02-11-2024, 05:38 PM
thebuilder1982 thebuilder1982 is offline
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Default Turn key restoration shop for sale.

Here is a basic list of the larger items I would like to sell in the coming weeks/months. Please feel free to reach out via email in regards to pics and more information. All equipment is in full and functioning condition and I will gladly video chat anyone interested in seeing the equipment operate. Like I said, this equipment is all in my shop and used daily to perform work with. All works as it should. Prices are OBO. You know what they say, it's for sale, not on sale. I'll be more than fair with everyone and feel free to inquire about package deals. I'll make a really fair deal to someone that buys it all in one shot!! This is just a fraction of what will be sold currently. So much more than what's on the list. I can also help with palletizing and shipping request. Forklift on site for anyone that wants to come in person to buy.

Cheyenne, Wy
Conveniently located at the intersection of I80 and I25. Easy off and on spot. Only 1.5 hrs north of Denver if someone needed to fly in to see what's available. Cheyenne also has a small airport that connects to DIA.

Victor gear head lathe (gap bed, 4ft length) (3 phase, 208v or I have converters available for 1ph 220v use) $4500.00

Webb belt drive vertical mill (4 ft. bed) (3 phase, 208v or I have converters available for 1ph 220v) $3500.00

HF 42” bottom chest, 26” top chest and 14” side box full of tooling for both mill and lathe. Hole flares, greenlee knockouts, centers for lathe, tapping heads for lathe and mill, taps, dies, handles, one off tooling, files, drills, etc. way too much to list individually. $4500.00

3 rotary tables, 1 is a compound and other can be horizontal or vertical. Non compound is 12”. $1850.00

50” box/pan break $800.00

50” roper whitney magnetic break $350.00 (works great on lighter gauge sheet. Does fine on 18 ga. Cold rolled depending on what you’re trying to do)

52” pexto hydro shear ( 18 ga.) $3500.00

32” wysong and miles stomp shear for cardboard only. Won’t cut metal. $500.00

52” slip roll (3” dia.) $2000.00

50 ton baleigh press $3000.00

20 hp kaiser screw compressor with built in drier/ refrigerator (3 ph) $5000.00

Miller dynasty 200 tig, ZTFab HF 26” toolbox dual bottle with rod holders, upgraded coolmate 1.3 cooler, 2 300 cfm bottles w/purge assembly, upgraded flex head torch, lots of little extras $5000.00

Miller 252 mig welder with .030 wire, 1 300 cfm bottle $2000.00

Miller 180 synchrowave tig, upgraded extended torch with swivel head and finger control, 1 300 cfm bottle $1500.00

Victor journeyman torch setup for propane with 2 billion btu rosebud, 1 tall propane tank, 1 150 cfm acetelyene. Gauges included and oxygen tank included to switch to oxy/act setup for cutting welding.

2 ea. Black hawk frame tables with 6 cross bars each. Multiple fixtures for each. $1500.00 ea

1 ea. Black hawk dozer for frame benches. $500.00

4 post 8k mobile drive on lift. NIB $3500.00

1 9k asymmetric lift $2000.00

Old school 3” round back louver press, pneumatic, homemade and super cool! $1500.00

Grizzly G0640X 17” bandsaw variable speed, tilt bed, extra blades ( 1ph, 220v) $1500.00

34” 5 drawer Cornwell box full of collision type tools. Multiple slide hammers and attachments, tons of different morclamps for pulling, 2 full sets of martin ding picks, chisels, pry bars, 2 smaller porta powers and tons of weird attachments. Essentially everything you need to go with a Black hawk to straighten old cars. $3500.00

6 ea. Friction jacks from the longest to the shortest they make and a few in between with some attachments. $750.00

42” Powermatic horizontal belt sander with tilting bed and end attachment for the radius. $750.00

P6 pullmax with 2 different sized open louver setups, multiple hand made dies for bed floors, shear dies, planishing dies, beading dies, thumbnail dies. 15kw power inverter included. $10,000.00

2 ea. Baleigh shrinker and stretcher with extra shrink and stretch dies. 4 total die setups, 2 shrink, 2 stretch $1250.00 for the set.
Mitler bros. 36” throat bead roller with upgraded 42:1 motor, rheostat, pedal with forward and reverse. Multiple dies and flip down bed. Adjustable depth upper shaft mod. $1800.00

HF tubing roller with round and custom machined square dies. $250.00

2’x6’ custom made bench for resin and aluminum casting work. Built in pressure pot for degassing resin and small oven for preheating molds. $650.00

Smaller foundry and multiple flasks and casks for casting aluminum, bronze, copper, etc. 75 lbs of pertrobond goes with along with small propane tank and utensils. $650.00

Smaller sized eastwood blasting cabinet with attached solvent tank $300.00

Mitler bros power hammer, New, barely used. 1 die. $8,000.00

Watervliet p hammer with dies and 2 hoops (this also attaches to back side of baleigh hammer to create a double headed p hammer. Watervliet can be removed for mobile work as well) $1500.00

CP handheld p hammer with dies 2 hoops $800.00

Baleigh pedestal p hammer (PH24) with dies $1000.00

Baleigh large e wheel (EW45) full set of dies. Modified to be slop free and actually work well, unlike when they come out of the box. $1500.00

Small custom handheld air hammer modified for no clearance p hammer work. $150.00

40” 6 drawer Snap on tool box full of hammers, dollies, custom t dollies, corking tools, spoons, picks, tools that don’t exist anymore for smoothing panels by hand. Ask for pics. To many parts and pieces to list. $3500.00

Large fab bench with fold away 14” Evolution cold saw, .250” steel top, nice
6” wilton bullet vise. $1800.00

2 ea. Stud guns $300.00 for both

1 ea. 4 ton porta power $200.00

5 ea. Bulleye pics, multiple custom tips $500.00

Huge lot of vixen files, handles for files and lead tools with lead and flux. $350.00

Custom built heavy duty bench made for modifying and building custom Harley sportster frames with all the needed fixtures to modify 84-2003 sportsters. Bare knuckle paul built it for production work. $1500.00

Old school off brand 9” vise on super heavy stand. This sucker is big! $500.00

Full set of .125” thick steel powder coated black sweeps. Bought from “customs by jimmy” $1000.00

Tons more to come as I decide what I can live without. So many smalls it’s impossible to list everything. I own and operate a turn key restoration and customization shop and we do it all from rebuilding, one off, machining, painting, upholstery, wiring, etc. There really isn’t a tool I don’t have to build cars from field to street. What this list is compromised of for now is the heavy hitter stuff I’d like to move so I can minimize shop space. I have 5500 sq. ft. of tooling. Let me know if there is any specifics you’re looking for or need. Would love to sell everything as a easy start up “box shop”. Buy it all today and open your own turn key shop tomorrow. Literally.
Jesse Lackey
Cheyenne, WY
Signature Customs Speed and Cycle

Equipment for sale!! for list and pricing.

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