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Old 03-23-2023, 07:47 AM
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I’m a novice but that makes me think about an oil pan that I salvaged with some success. I did it as explained in that old “Key to Bumping” book. Working from where the metal is now, do like Chris, David and Marcus said- slowly work the metal back into shape from the most recent damage to the oldest/original damage wherever you can. After that is done, you may need to shrink metal. But until then, go slow & carefully to smooth what you can (resolve displacement) without any stretching.

Figuring out the order of what to address first is the tough part, because going in the wrong order will lock damage in place. There’s probably some of that lock already there, created by previous attempts to repair it. You can still smooth much of the rest, which may help unlock some of the previous damage/repair issues.

Once you understand what damage caused what damage, it’s a lot easier to make progress. It’s a global approach, because damage in one area may be the result of damage in a different area of the panel transferring energy to the next available weakest area. Doing that smashed oil pan, my biggest issue was addressing work-hardened areas along sharp creases that cracked when I unfolded them. The rest of the small stuff came out pretty easily.

My oil pan effort was hardly show-quality work. I could have done a lot more workout & planishing to make it better but it was only an oil pan on Elsmore’s beater car….. It was still a great lesson. Link to thread-
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