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Old 11-30-2023, 10:01 AM
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Default Ep 16 | "Plan Your Next Steps" | Automotive Coachbuilding Lessons w/ Peter Tommasini

On Episode 16 of the "Sheet Metal Shaping Podcast" we have Peter Tommasini, an Australian coach builder and 54 year veteran of the trade.

(Subscribe if you like these videos and you want more guests)

In this episode we chat in depth about common "how-to's" of panel beating in the automotive field and why they are important.

We also discuss:

- Being born in Venice Italy
- Moving to Australia in the 1970ís
- Coachbuilding vs smash repair
- Spending money on coachbuilt cars vs cars of low value
- Austalian vs Canadian Vs USA economy / Interest rates

- How to build a roof skin, where to start
- Largest panel size that can be wheeled?
- Itís how you hold the panel that makes the shape
- Where to place welds, oxy welding
- Controlling weld distortion

- Planning your welds and shaping in advance
- Biggest issues students face today
- Recognizing stress in a panel
- Blending techniques from various countries
- Ask a question, then practice

- Options for patterning an existing piece
- Shrinking vs stretching, speed
- MDF and aluminum profile gauges
- Symmetry of a classic cars (often) isnít as it appears
- Whatís missing in the industry today?
- If you have the passion, the patience will come

Follow Peter on youtube at @Handbuilt1 , and

Follow us @sheetmetalshaping on instagram and Like/ Follow/ Share/ Subscribe to our channel for more great guests.

#englishwheel #sheetmetalshaping #powerhammer #coachbuilt #builtnotbought #handmade #pullmax #podcast #hotrod #powerhammer
#baileigh #baileigharmy #baileigh_industrial #yoder #metalshaping #pettingell #petertommasini #handbuilt
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