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Old 11-24-2023, 01:56 PM
Steve Hackel Steve Hackel is offline
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Default TIG welder question & or problem

I have a Miller Magstar 200 and have a gas flow problem. Tap the pedal once and it flows for a few seconds, but will not flow anything as you try to weld. I used it last weekend and it performed perfectly, went to use it yesterday and this was the problem I had.... Any suggestions for me to look for or try? I went on YouTube and also Google searching for answers, but nothing.

If this can't be resolved, what Tig unit would you suggest - the only thing I use this for is 22ga to 18ga sheet metal, or an occasional .125 bracket on a frame or fenders etc. I have a great Lincoln mig welder for heavier projects. Thanks in advance, Steve Hackel
Steve Hackel
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Old 11-24-2023, 08:09 PM
DavidB DavidB is online now
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Out of interest I searched for 'miller maxstar 200 gas flow problem' and found the following threads.

Suggests maybe a bit of debris in the system causing issues with the regulator or solenoid sticking. Checking the regulator should be easy by disconnecting the gas line out and checking for flow. Either is something that would potentially effect any MIG or TIG set not just your Miller. All my regulators have inlet filters and I was taught to crack open the bottle valve briefly before fitting the regulator to blow out anything that shouldn't be in there. I don't know about US gas supply but when I started using compressed gases here in the UK about 40 years ago there was no proper seal on the bottle stem so it was a good practice, these days they come with a one use plastic cover, at least from BOC, so it shouldn't be a problem but I still do it just in case.
David Billington
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Old 11-25-2023, 11:08 PM
Scoob Scoob is offline
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Originally Posted by Steve Hackel View Post

If this can't be resolved, what Tig unit would you suggest -
I lllllllloooooooovvvvve my Everlast. All the adjustability, great customer service, and none of the "Ford vs. Chevy" brand loyalty markup BS you get from LE & Miller.
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Old 11-26-2023, 01:22 AM
Marc Bourget Marc Bourget is offline
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Dittos previous,

Kent White has reported for years that the gasses were contaminated and recommends (and sells) in-line filters.
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Old 11-26-2023, 02:36 AM
edthomas edthomas is offline
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My 250 would start at full amps when first pressing pedal intermittently. Ended shortning the cable going into the foot controller about 6 or 8 inches and reconecting it back up. Had wiring failure at the box entry point. This fixed mine.
ed thomas
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Old 11-26-2023, 04:44 PM
billfunk29 billfunk29 is offline
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Default Maxstar

I have a 200 maxstar. It has been very reliable. I would check to see if you have voltage to the gas solenoid in the machine. A dozen torx screws will allow the whole cover to lift off. Blue solenoid with the red spade terminals. If you have voltage but no gas, then there is an obstruction. If you have no voltage when the gas should be on, then it is in the controller. There is a lot of programmability in the Maxstar. I am not a master on the controller. Good luck.

Bill Funk
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Old 12-06-2023, 03:12 PM
memphisrain memphisrain is offline
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If it consistently gives you pre-flow, but stops upon lighting the arc, I would lean more towards a solenoid problem vs. debris in the line. Perhaps the amp draw of the starting the arc is causing the solenoid to close.

As far as other machines, I've been happy with my Everlast unit, but unlike the previous poster, have found their customer support to be non-existent. However, I haven't tried to call them in a couple years. Perhaps they've improved in that department.
Big Jake

"I've never met someone with so much tenacity in all my life." - RockHillWill

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