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Old 11-23-2020, 03:24 AM
Bearwen Bearwen is offline
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Thanks for all the replies.

I used some scraps and did 12 inch squares and left a border and on all sides and wheeled with different crowns and different pressures and I have a better idea whats going on now.

I believe I was using to high a crown wheel with to much pressure and a flexing frame along with I believe I may have been wheeling to much to the edges and taking some of the shape out in certain directions.

By no means do i have it under control but I am making progress.

Thank You
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Old 11-29-2020, 05:38 AM
Sinister Sleds Sinister Sleds is offline
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Sounds like your on the right track.
Harbor freight wheel is very flexible this the true radius dies. You are going to use very little pressure with true radius dies to get shape in a low crown panel. Also be careful the dies are not really round so it will give uneven pressure. This would make it like you were tightening and loosening the adjusting wheel while moving the panel through the wheel.

Your piece should also be bigger by an inch or 2. If you track from one end to the other across the entirety of the panel all you will have accomplished is making the panel wider and thinner. The extra metal (as mentioned above captures the shape. Once shaped the excess is removed.

I put a triangular brace on the HF wheel at the shop I part time at. It goes from the bottom of the spine to about 2 ft above the top of the frame. Then there is an angled piece that goes from the top of the spine stiffener to directly over the wheel. 2"x2" 1/4 wall. I would do 2"x4" 1/4" wall if I were to do it over (owner of the shop was / is too cheap to invest in equipment)
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