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Old 07-29-2020, 03:09 PM
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Default Raffle for Baleigh MH-19

I saw this on Instagram and thought I'd pass it along for anyone interested: Apparently a fellow shaper in the community passed away unexpectedly, and his wife is raffling off the machine to recoup some of the money. I have attached the link and copied the description from the post below. I'm in no way affiliated with anyone involved, but I have sent $100 for the chance to win, please do your own due dilligence.

On The Raffle of The Baileigh POWER HAMMER MH-19. Lightly used with dies shown in pics.
Selling 225 tickets. Each ticket is 100 bucks. Send PayPal as friends and family to with all of your contact info. you can buy as many tickets as you want. Once the tickets are sold out we will do a live drawing on @fatfenderskustomz live feed at a certain time that everyone involved will know from my posts. I will keep you updated everyday on how many tickets are left on my story. Tickets will be drawn from a tumblr machine. The hammer is located in Kenosha WI 53144. So you can calculate shipping if you become the owner. Letís get this going. Thank you. Please share #metalshaping #powerhamer #raffle Update ticket numbers are issued as payments are received letís keep this simple. Anything over 225 will get a refund.
Big Jake

"I've never met someone with so much tenacity in all my life." - RockHillWill

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