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Old 09-03-2019, 07:26 AM
RockHillWill RockHillWill is offline
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Default I owe Jim Hery an apology

After the South Carolina Redneck Roundup meets became too large to accommodate at my shop, and I announced that they would no longer be held here, Jim called and asked if he could continue the RR at his shop in Tennessee. Among the many questions was how much it would cost to prepare and present one of the meets. My response was that no one that puts on these events expects to make a profit, but due to the generosity of the metal shaping community, in appreciation for the amount of work involved, have donated sufficiently to largely cover most of the expenses. The closest I got to breaking even was when a neighbor graciously provided the main meals. I shared with Jim that over the 5-6 years that I hosted this event the costs averaged out to about $25-$30 per day per attendee. With that information, along with other bits of advice, Jim agreed to host a RR event in his much larger, much more well equipped shop.

Jim has varying 1-3 employees and he along with those employees and three volunteers spent more than a week in advance expanding the work area, adding air conditioning to the larger assembly room, cleaning the shops exterior and moving equipment and cars around to accommodate the large crowd that was expected to attend an event hosted by such a talented and productive host. Jim and his crew did ALL the work! I merely attended and dealt with a few details as some minor health issues prevented early contributions. This is/was Jim Hery's event, and he alone is due props and accolades for his long hours of hard work.

But Jim Hery was severely disrespected for his efforts in promoting this event. We did our best to count folks daily, and a count of the release forms indicated that there were more than 65 folks that were in attendance, and an estimated average of about 58 folks each day. After the meet when Jim opened up the donation box, it was determined that those in attendance averaged an amount of less than $9 per person per day. That is embarrassing, and makes it look like I gave Jim false information regarding hosting the meet, thus my need to apologize to him. On previous occasions, someone will step up and act as a 'cheerleader' and explain to the new attendees the costs of hosting these events in an effort to prevent what happened here, but that was not the case at this event. Again, my apologies to Jim. In my last conversation with Jim, I suggested that he NOT continue the RR. In addition to the costs expended in hosting an event, in this case, Jim lost at least a week's worth of income for both him and his employees, and I expect disappointed one or more of his customers. Jim and I have become very close friends, and I am very disappointed to have mislead him in this way.

The one bright spot is VERY bright, and that is the contributions of 'Patman' Brubaker. As in most of the past metal shaping events, Pat brought one of his creative tool design projects and sold raffle tickets, donating the entire amount to the host. It has always softened the financial blow and been most appreciated. THANKS Pat! Pat is also very welcome as an instructor for classes. He recognizes the costs involved and treats the host with appropriate monetary respect. THANKS again, Pat!

BTW, Peter Tommasini is also VERY welcome at either of our facilities for the same reason!

I have been 'back and forth' about whether I should post this or not, but with the impending hurricane headed our way I am posting it now, as I may not get another chance in the near future.

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Old 09-03-2019, 09:47 AM
memphisrain memphisrain is offline
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That's disappointing to hear, Will. I'm sure it's an uncomfortable position to be in. Perhaps some clarity on what it really costs to host such an event will encourage proper contribution by attendees.

For me personally, $30 a day seems like an incredible bargain for the amount of information one can gain, and the connections one can make at one of these events. While it can be a little overwhelming to a newbie, at times, it's a far better deal than you can get vs. taking a class.
Big Jake

"I've never met someone with so much tenacity in all my life." - RockHillWill

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Old 09-03-2019, 10:33 AM
cliffrod cliffrod is offline
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That is very disappointing.

I felt guilty only putting $140+ in the pot, but had heard Will's number$ before and wanted to do at least that much to be above $30/day plus spend some with others coming to support their work & effort as well. What I gave wasn't much, but I tried and trusted others would do the same. The only reason I posted what I gave is so folks can figure my number into the final daily average. it's even more of a bummer if there were a few who gave similar larger amounts to ultimately overcompensate for others....

There are very simple reasons real Masters don't have time for tire kickers. if you're fortunate enough to be invited or allowed into their world, don't squander the chance. Everything a person does is an opportunity to demonstrate character- good or bad.

Thank you, Jim.
AC Button II Carolina Sculpture Studio Channel
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Old 09-03-2019, 10:34 AM
Rex_A_Lott Rex_A_Lott is offline
Join Date: Jun 2015
Location: Upstate, S.C.
Posts: 46

I wouldnt say you owe Jim an apology, what happened was outside your control. You merely gave him your opinion based on the experiences you had.
The people who DO owe Jim an apology, ( and a little money) are the ones who took advantage of his generosity and didnt show any appreciation. I would have thought people would have been grateful for that opportunity to learn and participate. And they got fed on top of it? SMDH.
Well, I thank Jim for all that he did, even if I wasnt able to attend. I hope that he doesnt get discouraged and drop the idea, I was already looking forward to trying to get there next year.
Good Luck for future events.
Barry Duckworth
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Old 09-03-2019, 06:50 PM
Mike Motage Mike Motage is offline
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I'm really sorry to hear this. I'm also pretty sure that people in general don't think deeply enough when considering how prep work and disruption cost a business hosting such a meet. But consider the amount of food a person consumes should be hint.
I would like to add that people think about this. If they gain a little knowledge, tip or insight that saves them time or trouble in their future tasks, that they saved a bunch of money. Therefore contributing at a meet is still a bargain!

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Old 09-04-2019, 01:19 AM
Jaroslav Jaroslav is offline
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Did you even get our comparison?
"We say something about throwing pearls on swine".
Unnecessary investment in people who do not value it and do not come with due humility.
Mr. Forman made a film in the Czech Republic before he left for the USA.
It's called: Burning my doll.
At the firemans ball (dancing) there are gifts that the participants have to win according to the numbers on the tickets. Suddenly the goes light out and most gifts disappears. The conference man will invite the participants to return the gifts, that he turns off the light for a moment. When it lights up again there are no presents.

This is a description of human nature, which, unfortunately, is the basis for most individuals.
I always admire your meeting and I would like to attend, unfortunately it is very expensive for me.

Sell tickets and give a donation box for sponsors extra.

Good luck.
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Old 09-04-2019, 10:25 AM
route56wingnut route56wingnut is offline
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Location: dennison Mn.
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This is exceptionally disappointing as MIke Yurko and myself contributed all the fixings for breakfast and lunch adding up to around 450 dollars collectively. I would have thought tat those taking advantage of this would have contributed at least that and more in collections. I was only able to speak at the lunch gathering as I was a slave to the grille. This I can tell you is disheartening and reasons for discontinuing. I hate to go to a pay to attend situation but it may be tie. I still donít see how this could have happened.
Think of all the contributions donated for door prizes that were raffled and some left without giving a fair amount.
Dan Pate
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