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Old 01-05-2021, 08:20 PM
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Default 1937 Dodge Coupe Roll Pan

This thing has been giving me a fit! I've probably made about 15 or so of these. I have nothing there to make a FSP with. I made a pattern of the bottom of the deck lid, cut a blank, wheeled a little shape into the piece and then tipped the flanges. The top of the pan will match the deck lid when I hold up on it, but when I let the panel go down to match the sides, the gap goes all wrong. It looks like this would be a fairly simple piece to make, but I guess not. Has anyone ever made one of these, or can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong......
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Old 01-05-2021, 10:17 PM
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Take a look at this post

I made the shape out of home insulation (styrofoam ) then used masking tape to get a more blended flow over a rough surface.

the flanges are usually the last process after all the shape has been put into the part, and it fits perfectly to the back of the car on all four sides .

you may want to do it in two pieces like i did they are easy to handle and you only need to have a flex pattern for 1/2 of the panel .... the pattern can be flipped inside out for the other half.

as for the gap to the trunk lid ....... that line needs to be transferred from the lid while both panels are aligned and in place on the car.
both panels are convex in the horizontal and the vertical, so the gap that looks like a fairly straight line is really an arc.

good luck Steve
Steve Hamilton
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Old 01-06-2021, 01:13 AM
Chris_Hamilton Chris_Hamilton is offline
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This is what I would try. Hope this translates from my brain to words...Take some small rod 3/16 or 1/4 something that bends easily and span the gap between the fenders. Shape it so that you have the contours correct. To do it you are probably going to need three or four lengths. Top one concentrate on getting it close to where you want the actual panel to end. Top edge of the rod consider that the edge of the panel you are making. Middle rod again get the contour right. Bottom rod position it close to where the bottom edge of the panel will be. Consider the bottom of the rod to be the bottom edge of the panel. Once you have those pretty close then you can simply drape a piece of paper over everything and make a paper pattern. Use the edges of the rod as the edge of the panel, transfer to your metal blank. Put the shape in the panel and either tip it or as I have learned from Peter T. block the line to turn it and then using hammer and dolly make the line where you want it and it needs to be. The advantage of blocking it is that you can adjust the line with the hammer and dolly and put it where you want it, and you don't have to be perfect tipping it. Very hard to move a sharp edge. Once you have the proper pattern it should go pretty quick.
Chris (trying to be the best me I can be)
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Old 01-06-2021, 01:23 AM
Chris_Hamilton Chris_Hamilton is offline
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After reading your post again, before you do anything else put more shape into the bottom half of the panel. If it fits when you hold it up, but then does not when you drop it down the panel is telling you either it needs more shape (top to bottom) or is not wide enough. Possibly both. Your pattern you made off the trunk looks to have less crown (top to bottom) than what you will probably need, so the pattern is short.
In the one pic you posted it looks pretty close. (img_5575) Have you also considered that the rear fenders might not be where they should be? But everything else being equal try putting more shape into it first. Too bad you already tipped it.
Chris (trying to be the best me I can be)

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Old 01-06-2021, 04:59 AM
Jaroslav Jaroslav is offline
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Rob. I would extend the back of the car. It's nicer.
Make a shape and then draw the bend according to the trunk lid. It may be better to start by bending the first edge and always all next steps align to the first edge. The place where you make a bend will not change. See how I did several bends on one piece. The top edge had to be precise. I bent it according to the original part. Even though I bent the part to other sides, it was always possible to return to the original shape of the edge. I didn't touch 1 bent count. It was a limiting dimension. I adjusted the other bends so that the first edge was correct. You throw away a few parts, but it's manufacturable. Good luck. Fear and violence do not belong in the process. Thoughts are more important.
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Old 01-07-2021, 05:46 PM
ojh ojh is offline
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The cat says to do the lower half first, its a compound shape and when its right you can transfer the trunk opening onto it and tip the return, when you do it'll take the shape out but you can shrink it right back to where you started from.
When you tip the return first that 90* deg locks the rest of the sheet in place, you are getting frustrated because the sheet isn't responding due to that 90* bend.
oj higgins
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