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Heat, time and pressure are the main factors you have to work with. Since you have only one heat setting you will have to work with time and pressure. Your machine will have to be set up so that forge pressure and the weld switch are independent of each other so that they can be controlled individually. In other words, bring the tips together against the metal with some amount of squeeze pressure then initiate the timed weld cycle with a switch. Also, be sure that the tips are aligned exactly over each other when they are in the squeezed position. They might flex a little and become misaligned under pressure. If the tips are burning through try to increase their surface area by sanding them. The process is detailed in the Acme pdf. The copper arms can be water cooled easily. You'll need a 5 gallon bucket, an aquarium pump, a few feet of vinyl tube and a couple feet of 1/4" soft copper tube. Wrap a length of copper tube around each of the welder arms. Connect them in parallel with the vinyl tube to the pump then drain them both back to the 5 gallon bucket.

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