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Ok, so I pulled out the spot welder to do some testing today and had ZERO sucess. I thought this was gonna be easy. I'm thinking the last time I did this it must have been beginners luck. Of course the material was much thicker mild steel though.

Just for the record, my machine is a Miller LMSW-52T 220volt with roughly 6" standard tongs and tips that came with the machine. I'm thinking this might be too powerful a machine for what I am trying to weld. This machine only has time adjustment and NO current adjustment. Even at 1/4 to 1/2 second, the tips burn right through the material. The material is 2 - 1/2" wide x.020" 304 stainless strips. Nice and clean and flat. I tried adjusting the tong pressure and it either burnt a nice clean hole threw the metal or welded the tips together.

Is there any device I can put on my machine to reduce the current? I'm looking for suggestions. Should I be looking at one of the spot welding machines that are used to spot weld battery packs? Any advice is appreciated.

Bibb in San Antonio
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