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Thanks for the very detailed reply. Most of it was way over my head but correct me if Iím wrong but you are basically saying type 430 doesnít lend itself very well to spot welding? How bout type 304 stainless?

Since I posted my question, I acquired some.020 inch type 304 stainless that is 1/2 inch or 13mm wide on a 100 foot roll. It is economical and readily available. This material is used in various industries. In the USA, many traffic signal lights are strapped to poles using this 304 banding strap. The HVAC industry also uses it for securing insulation to large chiller pipes.

I prototyped one of my parts with it and it seems to form nicely and work harden so it retains itís shape. Iím leaning towards using type 304. So far, it checks all the boxes. So what is your opinion on spot welding 304?

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