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Running engine means it's in the vehicle(?) and trans mounting bolt means bellhousing with hole to be repaired being upon a vertical surface(?)

I do a lot of fill/build brazing rebuilding the sacrificial portion of carbide-tipped chisels. A clean joint and good flux will allow a lot of creativity for what I do, but gravity always wins. Very easy to braze upon a vertical surface and soak enough heat that the entire braze fill mass will simply drop away like the liquid metal that it is. It can be a delicate process. If you can manage the heat sink (might be tough on a large item like an engine) and overcome gravity (which is usually done by rotating the part to capture or contain the molten mass), you can probably fill it and tap it just fine for such a situation.

The other braze option is to make a replacement part with a tighter fit to overcome that loss so you can achieve a sound joint. That would probably be more practical with the engine in the vehicle. You could simply flux & tin both sides of the tight joint separately, then place together in position and heat properly to fuse.
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