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Originally Posted by idickers View Post
I apologize if this is not exactly a sheet metal question, but I didn't know where to post. I need to make a repair on a cast iron engine block on a running engine, and am looking for ways to repair without stripping the block down for welding. I started out trying to remove an easy-out that had been broken while attempting to remove a broken bolt. This is in the flange of the block that mounts to the transmission bell housing.

All foreign pieces are now removed, but in the process I removed too much material and have to fill a void that I would like to next drill and tap for a new bolt. Is there a way to use oxygen-acetylene to braze or solder in filler for this type of application? Or to backstop a time-cert?
I've welded a lot of cast iron engine stuff.
My company sells this stick-arc cast iron welding rod that is "no-peen, no-preheat" and NOT NI-rod and a pretty good DVD on cast iron welding.
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