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Originally Posted by DogLoverNYS View Post
My first post.


They are aluminum, have a domed top. Need one hole in the top to allow odor to escape (magnet on the bottom). They are about the length of the top part of my thumb (can't post photo. Bummer)

Using a drill press, and holding the fobs in a vice grip the first 20 or so. After that, disaster. Drill cutting into the metal and tearing around the top, no holes.

Suggestions?? Warning: I'm a border-line senior woman with minimal DYI skills. Drill press borrowed, for example.

Diameter of drill relates to the speed it has to turn, to cut properly.
Small = fast. 1/16, 3/32, 1/8 all can go at the fastest speeds - 1500rpm to 2700rpm. ( I have drilled a lot of .063, .057, etc holes...)

Also, aluminum can be "mooshy" and gummy, not wanting to cut cleanly like hard metals do.

Compounding your problem is drilling on top of a small dome = slippage.
*Get a small automatic center punch and spot a dimple on target, and the drill will find it's "home" more easily.
*Lubricant helps - I use cocoa butter, beeswax, olive oil for drilling, sawing, hole-cutting aluminum alloys. (Cheap and available to me, as I am very rural and am frequently doing mail-order.)


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