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Originally Posted by sfm1951 View Post
Manny, I've used the brake for smaller radius parts. I'm looking to do a full belly pan for a Track T. So that's why I need a bigger radius bend. I plan on making the radius that I need first and others as I need them. That way if I never need them I can make them, and spread the build cost over time. Do you have a link or info where to look for the part you have listed? I 'll try to find info, but if I can't could you send the info. Thanks for your reply. Steve

Steve, that is called a take up bearing. You'll get them at any decent bearing supplier. They come in a staggering array of sizes (metric and imperial) and as previously mentioned, are self-aligning due to the spherical bearing insert. Attached pic will show how they are set up.

take up bearing.JPG

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