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I was finally able to cut the body after measuring and measuring and measuring. I am starting to try and support the roof sections with 16 gauge angles to the proper shape. I ran these through the kick shrinker so that they were the same radius as to what I measured out on the roof and cleco'd them in

Fter I had the center of the roof sorted out I moved onto the front, which I was the most worried about because the peak needed to move forward. It ended up not being so bad to get it to line up. I thought it was going to have to move forward way more than it did, but it was only about 3/8 of an inch, so my life will be easier when it comes time to modify the hood and grill

I was abble to spend some time to get the lower part of the back window to line up, but it will have to wait for a little while longer, I had to order more duck bill clecos
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