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Post Rear opening hammer form

I finally finished up the hammer form for the Miura rear opening. The Miura has a grill opening just above the roll pan that lets hot air escape from the engine compartment. This hammer form is built up from 12, 1" thick pieces of MDF that were individually shaped on a CNC router and then glued together.

Prior to glueing, I cut out the middle portion of each layer to remove weight. This in effect makes the hammer form hollow in the middle. Then after glueing and because it was still fairly heavy, I cut out the rectangular sections from the top. I didn't think the side and bottom edges of the actual opening would be strong enough for the type of hammering I anticipate, so I reinforced them using kevlar fiber infused body filler. I plan to turn the flange in the aluminum sheet that forms the opening using a rubber hammer. Hopefully with the bondo reinforcement, it will stand up to some decent hammer blows.

After filing the exposed hammer form surfaces smooth, I used a high build primer to seal and then bright yellow Rustoleum paint to make it look decent.

I think after this hammer form serves its purpose for body shaping, it might just make a great garage wall shelf.
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