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I recently needed to get measurements for the Miura rocker panels. So I assembled the station buck module in order to get these measurements.

It's not as exciting as the front clip buck module but contains very valuable information. For example, the rockers have a very slight outward taper of 3/8" at the upper edge from front to back. They also have a 3/8" incline at this same outer edge from front to back. I would have never known this had I not carefully measured (and re-measured) them prior to building out the sub-structures for mounting the door sills and rocker panels.

Will these very subtle details be visible to the naked eye when viewing the completed car? I've got to believe it's the small things like this that at the subconscious level do make a difference. It could even be the difference in what we perceive as a nice looking tribute car as compared to a knock-down gorgeous, beautiful work of art that might just be better than the original.
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