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Originally Posted by metal manny View Post
Hi Steve, here's a rough conceptual sketch that might be helpful?
Basically you'd have to insert a short tube section into the take-up bearing inner race to hold the lever operating the forming roller so that when the axle shaft for the radius roller is removed, the lever stays in position on its bearings. This isn't vital but would make changing radius rollers much easier when threading the axle through the assembly. Obviously, the axle would be threaded into the tube of the take-up, then into the centre of the radius roller, out the other side and into the other tube in the second take-up.
The forming roller is slid up and down the lever handle on the two flange bearings on inside of lever and locked off on two clamping brackets on outside of said lever. This is simple arrangement and you might prefer adding screw adjusters here, but not necessary IMO.

Naturally, you'll need to do your own drawings to check clearances between the the fixed parts and the maximum and minimum radius roller you envisage ever having need of?
Anyways, good luck and keep us posted on how your build progresses

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Nice design. Thanks for posting this dwg.
(About 20 years ago I saw a 4ft long version of this being sold in a tool flyer - $499.00 on legs ...

After about 6 months and 5 catalogues later I stopped seeing it advertised. ....)

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