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Originally Posted by A12pilot View Post
Thank you, guys! I appreciate the enthusiasm. Hereís a little about my project and how I got to where Iím at.

Like the scan posted, I too had a 3D scanner used on a 1/18th scale replica by NoRev. After looking at the detail of this model and measurements off a real one, it seemed they must have scanned a real one to make the model. So I reversed engineered the reverse engineering! I stripped down the model and coated the body shell with DP50LF and had the 3D scanner guy scan it and create a template of interlocking panels 10Ē apart. Assembling the body buck gave me a life sized body structure which I then filled the squares with foam, sculpted, filled with fiberglass compound, body filler, and Boat Fairing compound followed by a couple heavy coats of DP on top. I spent hours staring at the body model and a large poster I had of a real one, not to mention about 1000 photos I downloaded of several 507s being restored. This was invaluable to me.

So originally I was just going to make a full sized replica of the body then make a fiberglass mold. After thinking about it I decided to try my hand at making the body out of metal. Iíve restored many cars of all makes and models, do paint and bodywork myself along with all the welding and while different, all the restorations are the same. This is a totally new challenge for me to learn metal working and Iím so excited to start. A while new challenge of building my dream car.

Being that this is scanned from a pretty accurate model and measurements of my buck are pretty darn close to the real thing, Iím fairly certain Iíll be as close to the real thing as possible with the final form (I hope!!!)

Hereís some photos of my build so far to this point. I have panel beater bags, hammers, an English wheel, and a brake showing up this week so I hope to start next week destroying, er..forming metal!

Thanks for the support guys. Iíll answer more about the project tomorow (chassis, drivetrain, etc).

But to answer a few of the other questions, although Iím a pilot, I wasnít part of the A12 program (Iím only 48) and the handle comes from me being a Pilot for the main gig and restoring an A12 Super Bee that I unveiled at the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals a few years ago.

Enjoy the pics, Happy Thanksgiving, and more tomorrow while sitting in Miami with nothing to do. Ah, the joys of airline lifeÖ.


Welcome, Dave.
Glad to see how well your approach has yielded one of my all-time faves.
Back in "77 I saw a 507 for sale - $10K asking.
I had sold my 501 at that point and was looking for "tube frame, torsion bar suspension, worm/sector steering, wool broadcloth or leather interior..." but a super-classic was out of reach for me.
I was working nights on a 250LM resto and buying tools to start my own shop the next year.

Saw this interesting "in-common designer" tidbit:
1958 BMW 507 owned by the man who designed it is up for ... õ en õ news õ 1958-bmw-507-owned-man-who-designed-it-auction-20181128.html

Count Albrecht Graf von Goertz also worked on the Datsun 240Z While any BMW 507 going to auction is worth talking about just for its beauty, this one deserves extra attention because it was owned by the man credited with its design, Count Albrecht Graf von Goertz.

Anyway, Mr. Mullin (on this group) will provide you with some excellent service.

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