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Originally Posted by John Foster View Post
Hello all.

I am from Ontario Canada, I am mainly a wood worker, but I occasionally tackle metal projects for myself, my children or the community group I am involved with.

In my own shop I have some basic power tools: nibbler, drill press, angle grinder, cut-off saw, 120V MIG welder, ancient lathe etc. and the usual hand tools: snips, hacksaws, punches, chisels etc.

At work I have access to a brake, shear, 240V MIG welder, stick welder, metal cutting band saw.

This summer we built a wood fired pizza oven and an out door stone fireplace; my goal this winter is to make copper chimney caps for both of them.

I will probably be looking for lots of advice.



Hi John,

"All it takes is a little practical experience to blow the he!! out of a perfectly good theory." --- Lloyd Rosenquist, charter member AWS, 1919.
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