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Road trip to relax after four days of intense learning.

Morning stop at Gaunt Brothers Race shop in Mooresville, N.C.
KentClassTues 002.jpg

KentClassTues 005.jpg

KentClassTues 007.jpg

KentClassTues 008.jpg

KentClassTues 009.jpg

Front Row Motorsports shop in Statesville, N.C. They are expanding to three cars next year and have 37 cars to either build or update for next year. They are looking for GOOD race help!
KentClassTues 010.jpg

This David Ragan car is headed to Barret Jackson auction.
KentClassTues 012.jpg

Body termplates
KentClassTues 014.jpg

KentClassTues 015.jpg

KentClassTues 016.jpg

Mike Yurko explain some details to Kent.
KentClassTues 017.jpg

New design front snout for next year. Notice the lack of triangulation!!!!!!!!
KentClassTues 018.jpg

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