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Still more pics

Speedster grill insert is the last part to finish the metal work. I had over metal finished the corners and made them too thin.
KentClassMon 044.jpg

Kent was able to actually to weld up the inner flange with the gas welder and showed the proper way to metal work, planish and them metal finish to the correct thickness. Thanks Kent!!!
KentClassMon 048.jpg

I don't know how to express how much I was impressed with this learning experience. What I have always heard described as hammer welding was explained to me to actually be 'hot planishing'. Kent took an old piece of rusty.040" sheet steel and using the pullmax, cut it into two pieces. Then using his power hammer to act as a third hand, he adjusted the air pressure so that he could control the hits (actually able to make it 'single hit). He then fusion welded the panel, and as he was welding the panel he actuated the power hammer, planishing the weld as he went and that controlled the fit of the panel edges. He could just weld right along and not have to stop every few seconds to hit the previous welded area. Perfectly smooth when completed in a very minimum of time. Very impressive!
KentClassMon 036.jpg

KentClassMon 037.jpg

Side view of the panel.
KentClassMon 040.jpg

Kent gas welding a Kenworth gas tank that belongs to Jimmy Matthews. Jimmy brought the tank with several cracks and dents. Jimmy is turning the tank and I am preheating the rod and adding flux for Kent so he can continue to weld.
KentClassMon 056.jpg

KentClassMon 058.jpg

Jimmy and Dominic are cutting the end off the tank.
KentClassSun 005.jpg

KentClassSun 008.jpg

KentClassSun 015.jpg

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