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Okay this will be the last update for tonight and it actually has something to do with metal shaping finally!! After this the rest of the build and updates will be "real time" as I'm now caught up on what I've done so far.

Earlier this week I disassembled the vehicle a bit further, however the customer was coming today for an official "start" of the project so I wanted to leave the exterior of the body together so we could hash out some more thoughts and ideas.

Without having too much to do before "officially" starting I at least wanted to get the damaged left quarter panel straightened out. I'm not quite sure what caused the damage...almost seemed like a skidsteer bucket, or something strong and sharp that left a very deep and stretched "groove" in the quarter panel.

I know I'm going to have to modify this quarter panel with the fabrication of a new wheel opening shape as well as shaving the gas filler opening. However, I obviously wanted and needed to start with a straight panel for that future work.

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Here's a closer view of the damage to start. As I mentioned it was a deep gash with a very sharp crease that stretched the metal.

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This view from the rear helps show how far in the quarter panel was pushed as well.

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I haven't done any straightening yet in this picture, instead I've just cleaned away all the paint to bare metal in the area that I need to repair. This also helps show how deep and sharp the gash was.

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After a lot of hammer and dolly work as well as plenty of shrinking I have the quarter panel to about 95% good. It didn't pay to get it 100% at this time as I mentioned I need to eventually cut this wheel opening and gas filler out and replace with a new wheel opening fabricated and shaped to the new design.

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