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This grouping of photos is from the disassembly and tire / stance mock up and planning while I was measuring the Rambler project for the custom chassis to be built. This was roughly a year or so ago.

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Out with the old drivetrain.....we certainly won't be needing this again!

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Here I've removed the engine, transmission, front and rear suspension and any misc. mechanical components leaving just the uni-body left on jack stands. (Sorry for the blurry pic)

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A view from the rear once all the suspension and mechanicals were removed.

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Here I've just temporarily set the body off the stands and basically onto the rack until I can do some determining for future parked and ride heights.

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This picture helps illustrate the upside down bathtub shape that John had mentioned above. The bottom of the vehicle is wider than the top of the fenders / quarter panels. This does make tucking some larger tires way up inside difficult as you loose a lot of clearance VERY Quick with the narrowing shape of the body sides the higher up you go.

Determining tire size is a compromise between size and height vs. how far back the tires are set from the opening. Choosing a happy medium is about all you can do really.

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I attached this picture just to show how small the car really is. This is an employee at the shop (he's not a short guy like me...but I'm not certain on his height 6'3" maybe) The car is just a bit lower than I've calculated "parked" height to be.

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If I remember correctly this picture should roughly indicate driving height. Here I was tried several sets of tires front and rear in order to achieve the look and proportions we were satisfied with.

Also note I did a quick paper mock up of the general shape of the planned rear wheel opening. This was necessary so we could visually see how the test tires looked in the opening.

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While I was away on a snowmobiling trip my father and son decided to do a fun little project for me and made a set of cardboard wheels!ha

Here the car is roughly placed at the calculated parked height.

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Here is a photo of the dash
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