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Originally Posted by John Buchtenkirch View Post
Style wise a challenge for sure. To me the car is begging to be sectioned. If you look at photo #5 there seems to be way too much metal above the front wheel opening. The roof already seems low compared to the height of the body below the belt line. Definitely agree with your thoughts on the different wheel openings. I tip my hat to you for taking on this car…….. one that many people said looked like an up-side-down bath tub . ~ John Buchtenkirch
I can see where you are coming from with that observation. I've always personally liked a bit of the quirkiness of the early Rambler and Nash styling. The unique upside down tub as you say is almost a trademark. I also think the lowered front wheel opening is something that screams Rambler or Nash also. If anything, slightly raising the front wheel opening could a be compromise without really changing the overall look / feel of the car.

The ugly roof profile in the rear and the rear wheel opening were just too far out there not to correct. As the customer and I agree...We are both after a vehicle that when finished, people will walk around and know it's changed, but what exactly?! (As far as body mods)

Also I'm not 100% certain how much room I'll end up with yet in relation to the top of the engine / hood clearance?! We may need every bit of height to keep the engine under the stock hood.

I'll know a lot more about body proportions and looks once I get the body ready to set over the chassis eventually. Thanks
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