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Originally Posted by thingsthatfly2 View Post
super cool on the citrus acid. how long have you been working on this project? what led up to this project and what is your background with this kind of work? Super fun to watch this all happen.
I used to sneak into one of these trucks in someones over grown front yard where I spent my summers as a kid making brrrm brrm noises in it. Years later I went to see if it was still there with the hope of buying it in the early 80's, but was really badly rusted by then being near the seaside.
But this part of the story all started when I sent my wife at work a link to a eBay auction for a Willys pickup joking saying that is my dream project to hotrod something like this. She replied that I should bid on it! I only had a little tin 5'x7' garden shed that I was working out of and hardly the the space needed for a project like this.
The first Willys was bought back in 2008 but could not even pick it up for over a year as had no where to store it. Took that time for me to draw up my own plans for the workshop and get it approved by council and then I built it with a lot of donated timber.
Got the donor Jeep Grand Cherokee at auction in 2010 and that is when the build started in bits and pieces where I could fit it in between house renovations, which I am still doing, and other projects, life etc. So you are really seeing this in fast forward so don't be impressed by the speed as I am slow trying to learn while getting it to a standard that I am after. It is all about the build for me rather than what I need it for once finished. I will be sad once it is completed as enjoy working on it and the skills I am learning while doing it.
My back ground started as a blacksmith/farrier. Went on to get my tickets as a boiler marker working in the structural steel side of things. Nearly all arc welding and some mig. Went to night school to learn some engineering in that field but never completed the coarse as lost to many points not keeping my drafting pages clean as was still building the steel side of buildings back then, so my hands were never completely clean. Back in the days before computers.
Later on I use to build huge extractor fans for buildings etc that had airfoil blades etc, but the parts were all pressed out or folded so no hand forming as such. The mig welded together.
Went on to working in a brake and clutch place bench pressing in gear boxes all day long as had no lifts in the place! Did services etc as well.
Probably more info than you were after.
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