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This is the pedestal that the caged nut sits on from inside the donor frame. It will be welded inside the new mount so the original arrangement is used.

Welded the mount into place.

I also curved the top piece so it looked more factory and also gave me a bit more clearance above the caged nut so the bolt had plenty of threads showing through it.

This gives you a better idea of how it is braced across the bottom of the frame rail for support.

With the bracing done underneath the frame instead of up the side of it, I have left room in case I make my headers come over the mount.

That completes the mounting of the cradle. Might not look like it but that now means I have the mounts for the front swaybar, steering rack, front differential, engine mounts, upper and lower wishbones and the upper and lower coil/strut mounts finished. Time to move onto the rear.
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