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Originally Posted by markyouel View Post
Hey Marcus
thanks for posting this great build! Any wonder your bowl/hubcap came out so well (and mine came out like ).
Very well thought out and executed ... and how come your workshop is so neat...where is all the grime, dirt and stuff to trip over, the lost important pieces covered up by useless un-needed horded junk .. oh wait, that's my workshop
Ha ha, I have a bit of OCD so try to keep thing neat and tidy! All the left over parts etc for later in the build, are in another garage and shed that I built just for it all! That way I can make the most of the space I have as only live on a tiny block of land that is 485 sq. meters or 5220 sq. feet. 2 bedroom old house I think is less than my shed space. Have no backyard as taken over by workshop which is on the fence line on two sides there and attached to the house on 2 sides too. Less time then needed to mow and weed and more time in the workshop.
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