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Time to start on my first cross member. I must have at least two originals for it to be registered as a 48 Willys under club registration rules, in case I go that way for a 90 days a year permit. For full road registration I still require at least one.

Looking a bit worse for wear with rust, twists, bends, dents, holes and buckles!

The old PTO hole was a bit big to just fill with weld so dropped in a washer of the same thickness as the frame.

The copper spoon also works well on edges that need to be repaired.

A lot faster and less heat this way.

Well 40 odd holes filled and a lot of tacks on some rust pitting that was first cleaned out with my die grinder.

Both ends were twisted 5 degrees in the same direction. Most likely the centre section, where the tow hitch was welded on, was bent up after dropping onto a rock ledge.

Just bolted on the old rear cross member from the other frame to lever down on the ends while the press holds the centre steady.

All the twist gone.

As you can see the ends taper up to the same height as the end of the frame rails. Problem is that I am running the rear of the frame 6.5" narrower to match the width of the frame under the Grand Cherokee and all the axle bracket positions. These trucks have a 6.5" wider rear axle than the front and I will be running the same width front and rear.

After cutting to the new length, the ends no longer match the ends of the frame rails. So a wedge was cut out and the flange bent up to match it.

I will box this member as will be used to support a towbar as well.
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