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I thought I'd be clever and skip the intro Harbor Freight gun and spend 5 times more and get a Caswell gun. Turned out to be nearly the same $%&^ that HF sells and gave me a hassle from the start. I soldiered on with it for a few years even though it sprayed badly, had to be shaken to keep flowing, had a sticking trigger, and was hard to clean.

Someone on this forum (forget who, sorry!) recommended I get a Columbia Coatings gun. I bit the bullet and bought this:

It was worth every penny! Shoots really well, never clogs, charges the particles evenly and quickly coats the metal AND is easy to clean. Powder coating is now very easy. I shoot a lot of "near chrome" for my friends, usually engine parts, and they love it. Just did some Lotus A-arms for a guy which I knocked out in mere minutes. Much nicer than painting because the finish is cheaper, more durable, and there's no cure time. 1 hour from coating to ready to use.

IF ANYONE WANTS MY CASWELL Unit they are free to pick it up here in Winston-Salem. No cost, get it out of here!
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