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Default Tool exchange and door prizes at Redneck Roundup

We're going to have a tool exchange at the roundup.

What's a tool exchange you ask? Simple, you bring something YOU MADE...NOT BOUGHT...YOU MADE. Everyone participating will put their tool on a table and be given a number. I'll draw numbers out of a hat and when your number is drawn, you choose a tool from the table.

Tools should be 'worth' 20 to 50 bucks.

I'll be bringing a Winsett hammer (bat hammer) and some blodgers. Someone else is bringing some shop made dollys. What will YOU bring?

Don't forget to think about bringing something for door prises. EVERYONE likes door prizes! Door prizes can be new or used. Got a few extra Pullmaxes or Eckolds gathering dust...or perhaps an Erco Flanger? Those would make great door prizes. If you don't have room to haul it worries...I'll store it for you for a few years.

Seriously, think about bringing some stuff. We'll be having door prize drawings every day.

Monique and I will see you there!20210718_125234.jpg
Kerry Pinkerton
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