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Default Historical aviation training films - incl. ALCOA film

Originally Posted by sfm1951 View Post
Ken, do any of the training films on this still exist to this day anywhere.?

Hi Steve,
In my travels to old A&P training schools (and also hosting A&P instructors in my workshops) these instructors showed support of preserving the original aviation training information. Therefore my company was gifted a good number of old aviation films.
Here you will find a number of these original aviation training films now on DVD, that we obtained in original 16mm and sent down to Hollywood/Burbank for restoration and then digital transfer.

ALCOA contacted us at one point and purchased a few DVD copies of their original film for their archives.
(One film that I now have but that is not up on TMTech website is the Myron Stevens film, made by IAM machinist union. I got a copy of it recently, from a long-retired machinist (friend) who has also had long interest in Tucker cars and Indy cars.)

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