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Default Help us out all you photo posters

A lot of you post photos as attachments. Have you ever wondered why all you see is Attachment 878767 below your posts but no photo....and then sometime later, the photos magically appear in your post?

They show up because one of the admins edits the thread and makes a very simple change. Please help us out.

All you need to do is after you have finished typing and using the paperclip to attach all the photos you want is to do this:

1- Position your cursor where you want all the photos to show...normally at the end of the post.

2- Click on the paper clip again. you will see a list of your attachments and at the very bottom "Insert all". Click on insert all and it will put them IN your post and when you hit preview or save, they will show up.

If you forget, you can do the same thing by editing your post, Note that you have to be in the advanced editor to do this.

Kerry Pinkerton
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