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I have been posting on Facebook in an effort to sell as many as possible. One of the book distributors has told me that the two months prior to Christmas are the 'busy' season, so I'm concentrating on that.

One of the folks that visit Facebook is the producer of the Podcast Scene Vault. That gentleman came to the house last week and did an interview and last night he gave me a link to an advance screening of the first of two podcasts that will be about me and/or the book. Here is the link: (This still might work)

That link was for an 'advanced' look. The link below will be in effect at 12:00 EST on Wednesday, Dec.2nd, 2020. Thanks for looking. (Episode #122)

If anyone is interested in acquiring this book, here is a link to do so. Go to the top of the page and click 'Place an Order'. There are 2 payment options.

The book is also available here at a slightly higher price:


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