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Hi guys!
A great way to learn the basics how the wheeling machine works is to cut a 400 mm round piece of sheet ( steel for the first try) and try to shape a bowl with a deep of around 50 mm , the goal here is to get a perfect flow and to get it lay down all around.

No sandbags, no hammers, just the wheeling machine should be used, yes it takes time and that is a reason for that....., guess why?

To avoid the "nipple" in the middle you need to conect your brain how to avoid that!

When it is perfect in flow and lays fine at your bench it is time to get it back to flat...

This is the absolutly cheapest and most giving way to understand whats going on when you do this and do that with the sheet.

Remember that everyone can make a bowl but the guys and girls that can go back to a flat piece is the gang that connect their brains to their hands...

Tricky , yes it is for most beginners and what you learn from this can be used at every panel you ever will work with!

So to do this is a good way to training how to wheeling, you really need to think what you do with every stroke thru the wheel, and thats the fine thing with this training piece.

If you get it done ok you can try to do the same with a sqare piece ( mini door skin) and again you need to think whats going on...

Next could be a piece of alu becouse now you really need to be sensitive with the pressure to avoid this ugly lines and stop/start marks...

When this is mastered you dont need to be afraid of getting to much shape in a panel (in a controlble amount) becouse you know how to back out of the corner!

Finally you need to remember that it will take a while to learn how to make fine panels, many of the gents on this forum have done this for most part of their lifes and I can bet that everyone of them have been very lost in the beginning!

This dont add much about the discussion around the video but the hood could be one of this test pieces I wrote about here and they do pretty much the same thing with it.

Anyway, im pretty glad that anyone take their time to shot and upload a video, but it would be very hard to make a how to video for the actual panel in just minutes!

Bill, keep up your energy and let the info flow
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