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Well back from holidays and thought I would tackle the headlining. Just thought to do a section at a time to see how it went using Permatex Headlining Adhesive.

Didn't go well as wrinkled in the corners more than I wanted.

So cut each side off and see if I could rescue what we had already done.

Just slid the cut off section up to it to see if it would work this way. Looked bad so it was all stripped off. Made the hard decision to have it done for me and hope they can do better. The first time in the whole build!

Made up some quick covers for the seat belt reels.

The hot summer days here left the rear wall baggy! It is because I was forced to use the wrong foam during lock down which I couldn't use glue on without it swelling up. Can even see a bit of over spray below the window how it reacted.

So stripped it all off and bought the right foam and glued the foam to the panel and the material directly to the foam. Looks like I wanted in the first place now!

I knew the same thing would happen to all the other panels I had already done as well so stripped the material off and then scrapped off the foam. Wire brushed the self adhesive glue off that was left and hand sanded it.

Glued down the new foam from the upholster and carefully lined up the material doing half at a time to line up all the holes etc.

Pulled the overlap through the holes and glued that down.

Ready to redo all the rest!

Re did the other door panel and kick panels as well.

Another lesson learned is do not use acetone to get old glue off the material! Can see how it discoloured the bottom corner. So all this was had to be stripped down yet again and the foam and material replaced. One step forward and 2 steps back it seems this year! Found old glue comes off better with mineral turpentine or even using an eraser.
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