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Originally Posted by Jaroslav View Post
Pressurized water 2500 Ba or chemically lye (sodium hydroxide NaOH) or sand but must be very senzitive work.

Agreed - Highly alkaline pastes and fluids are / were widely used to strip paint.
Back when my shop was stripping 4-6 complete cars a year, inside and out, on a rotisserie, we had 5 grades of chem stripper - all alkalines. The strongest "smoked" when the lid was removed. Dissolved all but the animal hair brushes - with wooden handles.
On a warm day, the blistering paint followed right behind the brush as the stripper was laid on. Serious safety protection required, absolutely.
Urethanes were no problem - do not know about epoxy paints, as they came afterwards.
Direct sunlight deactivated / lessened the active qualities of all the strippers we used, in about 15 minutes. But the heat helped, so first warm up in the sun, move shade canopy over, and start the first layer of stripper.
Not seeing any strippers now that do any more than remove thin varnish on old wood. Even "aircraft strippers" are now thin and weak.

Maybe time to mix yer own?

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